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A tip from Rik: KONT Magazine

This time Rik doesn't tip a location to wander to. No, this week, he shares a kind of nomadic tip, one you can take anywhere. To enjoy at home, in the park, or with a coffee on the terrace, KONT Magazine is an excellent read for lovers of art, design, literature, dance, and everything in between. Like to read along?

KONT principles

Griet Meschaert, the founder of KONT, settled down in Eindhoven with the idea of a multidisciplinary magazine after working as editor-in-chief in Brussels and studying at the art academy in Den Bosch. The magazine in question is about why we do the things we do and make the things we make. With Eindhoven as a creative hub for creators, that would work out just fine. This former working-class city likes to joke around. That's why the somewhat conspicuous name could take root in this city. But why the word 'KONT' (butt)? For the simple reason, nobody can see their butt. An 'everything is perception' kind of thing.

KONT Magazine

Makers' metaphor

Back to the metaphor. In this case, a butt is exchangeable for the maker's work. You can be very insecure about something; you're never entirely sure how others will like it, but sometimes you have to embrace it. KONT is never actually finished and always searching for new approaches and thoughts. It's all about interpersonal enrichment and changing it up. That expresses itself at KONT internally by alternating the co-editor in chief every year. They launch an annual physical magazine and host physical inspiring slow dates.

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​