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A tip from Rik: Kruisstraat

One of Rik's favorite places in the city? The Kruisstraat! It's bursting with restaurants, and every week you can find the market on Woenselse markt, a household concept in Eindhoven and the surrounding area. See for yourself! Rik tells you all about it.

Let's start with a little bit of history. The Kruisstraat used to be the connecting street between Woensel and Eindhoven when they were two separate villages. It is not entirely clear where the name 'Eindhoven' originally comes from, but according to some, it means 'end farm' or 'einde hoeve' in Dutch. The last farm of Woensel was located in the southern part (end), which bordered Eindhoven. In 1920 Woensel became part of Eindhoven, and nowadays, it is the largest district of the city.

Woenselse Markt
Woenselse Markt

Woenselse Markt

It is a ten-minute walk from the city center to the beginning of the Kruisstraat. According to Rik, at the end of the street lies the Woenselse Markt, the heart of Woensel. Here you will find one of the largest weekly markets in the south of the Netherlands every Saturday. With over a hundred stalls, you can buy fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, fish, bedding, clothing, flowers, and gadgets. Pay special attention to the long line for a chicken from the grill. The market is always bustling, and you can visit it every Saturday between 10.00 and 17.00 hours.


International influences

Eindhoven is a city of more than 170 nationalities, and nowhere do you feel these international vibes and metropolitan allure like on the Kruisstraat. If you're looking for a wide range of restaurants, shisha bars, supermarkets, or specialty stores selling products worldwide, you've come to the right place. From a Moroccan furniture shop to a Russian supermarket and an Asian grocery store to a Spanish restaurant, you'll find it all on the Kruisstraat.

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