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A tip from Rik: Loads040

Rik leaves the city center behind for his next tip. Exciting things! On Aalsterweg, an old metal shed now functions as a true paradise for vintage lovers and other curiosities. Are you coming along to Loads040?

From metal to mishmash

Vintage lovers, day-trippers, and collectors, there's no such thing as a regular visitor at Loads040. That's a good thing because if there's nothing regular, it has to be this place. This former storage space houses no less than seven entrepreneurs and their love for vintage, retro, and antiques, each with their own taste. The location is as unique as the products here. Before Loads040, MCB - Metaal Company Brabant used the building for metal business. This piece of history can be derived from the deviating heights; metal beams were stored in places with low ceilings. When the MCB moved, the old owner held his collection of vintage showpieces in the warehouse as an unforeseen glance at the future.


Vintage collectables

Nowadays, this old warehouse is full of eclectic collections, from furniture to clothing and everything in between. One dealer specializes in vintage design, antiques, or even products of Scandinavian descent; the other is more focused on goods of Italian origin. You can't compare this hodgepodge to a flea market. The products you find here may be pre-loved but can last for years. Like the showstopper that Rik has spotted: an eighties boxing ball known from fairs with leather details. Check it out yourself!

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​