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A tip from Rik: Muziekgebouw

Concert hall Muziekgebouw Frits Philips Eindhoven, or 'Muziekgebouw Eindhoven', has been located on Market Square for 26 years now, in the Heuvel shopping center. The Large and Small Room already saw a wide range of musicians pass by, from local singer-songwriters to established names such as Einaudi and Gregory Porter. Especially jazz and classical concerts predominate here, but with initiatives such as Naked Song, a younger target group is now being addressed.

Exceptional acoustics

In terms of acoustics, the Muziekgebouw is among the top 5 leading venues in the world. An octagonal design was deliberately chosen for the Large Room. This design not only benefits sound, it’s also beneficial for the view of the stage. The sound boxes are manageable, so the sound can be optimally adjusted for each concert. In addition to the exceptional acoustics, the interior of the building is worthwhile. In 2010, the Muziekgebouw was ready for a radical facelift, and Eindhoven designers Van Eijk & Van der Lubbe were asked to do the renovation of the interior.


Interior that exudes music

When standing in front of the entrance of the Muziekgebouw, you will notice a number of ropes hanging in front of the windows. They are draped in a way that makes them look like stage curtains, a subtle hint to the function of the building. As soon as you step inside you will notice that the interior exudes music from top to bottom. For example, the furniture on all three floors is made out of wood, copper and gold, just like musical instruments. Pay attention to the large tables. The wood knots are lasered and filled with pure silver, to celebrate imperfection. One of the highlights of the interior is the lighting system: the three-dimensional ceiling covered with felt squares and the ambient wall at the entrance. The 36,000 LED lights interact with the public passing by and subtly shows them the way.


Lay Down and Listen

One of Rik's favorites is the concert series of Lay Down and Listen. With Lay Down and Listen, you do what the name suggests: lay down on stage and enjoy relaxing music. The concerts are done by different artists, and are sometimes accompanied by a yoga session.

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