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A tip from Rik: Onterfd Goed

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This week, we share a tip for art lovers and buyers (even those on a tight budget). With Rik, we head east for a visit to Onterfd Goed. Here at Sectie-C, special heritage from all over the Netherlands finds a new home - and items are sold at pretty good prices.

It all started with Museum Scryption in Tilburg that ceased to exist and wondered what should happen to the 1300 typewriters from the collection. This museum was just one of many with bulging archives. How do you 'de-collect' and what do you do with art you no longer wish to keep? In short, this is the life's work of Jolande, Marije and the rest of the Onterfd Goed team.

About the art

Jolande Otten, director of the foundation, speaks with love about the heritage items that Dutch institutions host. But she also points out the problem: she estimates that approximately 1 percent of all art pieces in the Netherlands can actually be seen by the public. The rest is in cellars and depots. What a pity.


Onterfd Goed helps institutions to ‘de-collect’ and to make the right decisions. What should be kept and what not. How do you create a balance in an enormous collection? Next to ‘de-collecting’, Jolande organizes all the practicalities. Her foundation adopts the remaining objects and checks them for fungus and vermin. In the large hall at Sectie-C, the pieces are sold to art lovers from all over the country. Those who wander around will find unique paintings, vintage dinner plates and design pieces.

Onterfd Goed

Original works for an IKEA price

What is her favorite item in the Onterfd Goed collection? "Everyone always asks me this", she says with a smile, "but I can't choose. For me, the strength of Onterfd Goed is the variety of items. Everyone will find something to his or her liking.” For an IKEA price you'll find original works here, she says.

Lots left to de-collect

Isn't the Netherlands ‘de-collected’ by now? "Oh, not at all!”, she replies. She recently started a new collaboration with the Open Air Museum, Palace Het Loo and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. "Every two months we receive new and beautiful heritage pieces".

If you want to come and take a look, you can simply pay a visit to Onterfd Goed without an appointment. Sectie-C is a great place to stroll around and to see the workspaces of talented designers and entrepreneurs from Eindhoven. On weekdays you can enjoy a delicious lunch here. If you come on a Saturday, Jolande will provide you with coffee and cake.

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is also an Eindhoven city guide. He shares a new tip every month.