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A tip from Rik: Permanent GLOW art works

Every year in November, Eindhoven turns into one large open-air museum. Light festival GLOW Eindhoven attracts some 750,000 people who come to look at light art projects by artists from the Netherlands and abroad. But you can also see permanent works throughout the city during the rest of the year. Rik shares his favorites with us!

Antuenna @TU/E campus

For GLOW 2016, one of the world's most renowned light artists Har Hollands was commissioned by the TU/e to design the campus chimney. This led to the permanent installation 'AnTUenna'. LEDs have been applied all around and over the full height on the surface of the chimney. These LEDs can be controlled in both colour and intensity. This makes it a dynamic light tower, that depicts and represents all kinds of images.

Dome of Light @Heuvel

One year earlier, for GLOW 2015, the same Har Hollands designed 'Dome of Light' for the HEUVEL indoor shopping centre. This project, consisting of 121 light translucent tubes in the skylight, receives a new programming of light, music, and movement every year during GLOW. And every year it results in spectacular pictures.

Transformation @TU/E campus

On the university campus you can also find another work of light art called 'Transformation'. It was created by Michel Suk. Characteristic are the multiples of knowledge and continuous innovation, nurtured from a common source: Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The energy is enclosed and embedded in a steel tube and can only exit through an organised, circular structure in the metal. The result is a spectacular play of light on the ground.

Interstices in a Synaptic Space @Stratumseind

In 2011, Design studio Afterlight created a 3D projection of moving graffiti, called 'Interstices in a Synaptic Space'. You can find the permanent remains on a wall in an alley at Stratumseind. Using light, darkness, and colours, abstract compositions were built up and broken down again. The work is a metaphor for the functioning of the brain. During GLOW 2015 it was once again part of the route and maybe it will be again in the future.

Private Light @Philips Museum

Since September 2018, you can permanently admire the work of light by artist Titia Ex on the chimney of the Philips Museum's former light bulb factory. The project was first shown at GLOW 2016, under the name 'Private Light'. This tiny former factory used to be the highest point in Eindhoven. Now, it is hidden between architectural giants such as the Witte Dame, the Admirant and the Regent. With a silent gesture, the light artwork takes the factory out of their shadow.

... Extra tips

Eindhoven has many more permanent GLOW works of art. Think of 'Space' by Daan Roosegaarde inside the train station, the dynamic work by Ivo Schoofs at the Stationsplein, KEI Like by Tessa Koot at Market Square, and the wind canopy by Ellen de Vries at the Nieuwe Emmasingel. Those who think eight days a year is too little can enjoy GLOW all year round!

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied Architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. He shares a new tip every month.