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A tip from Rik: Plan-B

As part of Dutch Design Week, Rik will be sharing one of his regular DDW stops and former workplace: creative breeding ground Plan-B.


The former Beatrix Complex, an old Philips laboratory, is located on the Hurk industrial estate - between the Beatrix Canal and Strijp district. This characteristic building used to be the place where radio tubes were made and Philips products were tested. In 2016, after 13 years of vacancy, the complex was given a new lease of life and Eindhoven gained a new creative hub called Plan-B. 



In the former business premises, you will now find a wide range of start-ups, designers and artists, all united under one roof. Think of filmmakers, architects and game specialists. For the co-creators among us: you can rent a studio or workspace at an affordable price. Interested? These might become your new neighbors...

Dutch Design Week

During the DDW from 19 - 27 October, Plan-B will open its doors to the general public. Want to know what to expect? Take a look at the full programme of Plan-B on the website of Dutch Design Week. And check out this 2018 Plan-B design recap!

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Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​