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A tip from Rik: Salon Veneman

Walk past Salon Veneman and take a good look inside: that way, you will discover the work of up-and-coming talent and undiscovered makers just as you stroll along. Oh, and stay as long as you like!

Cultural Diet

From Onomatopee to the Temporary Art Centre, Eindhoven has a whole range of locations to immerse yourself into the world of art, design, and other creative work. But where do you go when the museums and art spaces are closed? Woody Veneman, the owner and also a maker, musician, and sometimes model for THE VIBE, had a solution: a walk-by gallery. And so you find yourself on the doorstep of Salon Veneman for a new exhibition every month, literally. No entrance ticket or appointment is needed to stare at a diverse range of works. It is just a casual trip to the Tongelresestraat 1 to see what emerging talent has their eye on. In short: the cultural diet is over. 

From First Floor to Platform

The first floor of Woody's house turned out to be a very suitable place for a gallery: an A-location with lots of passers-by and the opportunity to put the unused space to use. On top of that, he knows lots of people from Eindhoven who are working on cool things. It all adds up to a unique platform for theatre-makers, performers, musicians, designers, and more. And it is a success; the Salon is already fully booked up until the Dutch Design Week. 

Line Up for the Line-Up

The applications keep pouring in; artists from all corners, with and without experience, want Woody to exhibit their work. This has resulted in an exceptional line-up. What to expect: in June, Hamer K├Ârmeling will take over the entire building, and in July, you will see three-dimensional sculptures by Thijme Maassen, August is dedicated to fashion by Labeledby, and in September, you will go on a discovery to a new color with Bich Tran. Let's not forget the work of Tessa de Swart, a 15-piece series of drawings and paintings that is now on display. So, stroll by, admire, wave, peek, have a chat with artists in residence, and most of all, let the mind wander.

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​