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A tip from Rik: Soestdijk II

This monthly tip is kind of an odd one and is particularly striking because of its weirdness. When you think of Soestdijk, you generally think of a royal palace, but Eindhoven has got the miniature version: Soestdijk II.


The story of the building on Marconilaan in Eindhoven starts in 1943, when it is built as a gas distribution station. A number of years later, the Eindhoven police, department Woensel, moved in. The cells were located in the basement and after some time a policeman noticed that the cells were full of fleas. The entire building was treated with poison and shortly afterwards a relocation of the Eindhoven police was announced.

Party basement

After years of vacancy at the end of the ‘90s, Johan Vlemmix (a well-known figure in Eindhoven) decides he might be able to do something with it, and buys the place. After a three-year renovation he introduces it as 'Soestdijk II' and the striking little landmark is a fact. In 2015 he puts it up for sale, to take it off the market a few years later. Nowadays, the building serves as an underground party basement where public parties are organized. You can also rent it yourself for parties and other events. Check out the Facebook page of Soestdijk II for more information.

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Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​