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A tip from Rik: Stratumseind

Here is a tip for anyone who’s never seen Stratumseind by daylight. Also popularly known as Stratum, is an entertainment street in Eindhoven.

“Make it ‘idiot-proof’ and you’re likely to attract even more idiots.” Bartender and owner Louis Croonen explains what happened to Stratumseind in the past. Together with other entrepreneurs, he is now changing this situation. To make it friendlier. And safer. “‘Designing out crime', as we say in Eindhoven”, he grins.

It started with small changes. The hanging planters, which give the street more colour. The experiments with data and light. And the super cheerful terrace he put in front of Calypso. A design by Aart van Asseldonk. It makes Stratumseind a fun place to visit even during the day. And you’d be surprised how many places are worth a visit.

'Designing out crime', as we call it in Eindhoven

On the left side of Calypso, for example, is the FoodGallery, open from 10 am. A cosy living room cafe where not only drinks and good food, but the entire interior is for sale. Across the street you will find the Oude Rechtbank. People were once convicted and even hanged here. The bars in the courtyard still remind us of that time. Years later it has turned into one of the finest terraces in the city.

Stratumseind is also becoming an exciting place food-wise. Around the corner of Michelin star restaurant Zarzo several delicious hotspots are worth a visit. There is Passie for nasi, for high-end snacking Indonesian style. And when you walk further down to the river Dommel there is the relaxing roof terrace El Puente, where top dishes from Norway to Japan are served.

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