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A tip from Rik: 't Rozenknopje

Rooftop restaurants, food courts, gin bars and healthy cafes: Eindhoven has it all (hooray!). But sometimes you long for something simple. Without a complicated concept, design or kale smoothies. Sometimes you just want to go to the pub. For everyone who is at that point in their lives: this tip is for you!

Rik takes us to the ‘living room’ of Gestel (a neighborhood within walking distance of Eindhoven’s city centre): ‘t Rozenknopje (in English: the Rosebud). This café, at the crossroads of the Hoogstraat and Gestelsestraat, has been located at that spot for decades. Since last year under the inspiring leadership of Niek van de Klundert. ‘t Rozenknopje can be described as: relaxed, friendly and open. And the food is really good too.

For those who would like to taste their food, the beginning of the week might be a perfect time to go. On Monday evenings, ‘t Rozenknopje organizes the ‘StamTafel’, a joint dinner at a long table. For just €12,50 you can enjoy a meal and meet new people. "Everyone is equal here.” ‘t Rozenknopje chooses to work with local suppliers. The cheeses come from JokkMokk, the coffee from Bean Brothers and the beers from the Brabantse Kempen. The fish comes fresh from Zeeland, every other day.

Besides good food, music is a big thing here. There are often performances in the beautiful theatre room upstairs. Every Wednesday evening you can enjoy Live in de Knop with American roots music, down in the café you can regularly listen to vinyl DJ’s or spontaneous performances by the house band.

About the host Rik Verhalle
Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​