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Discount Strijp-S: enjoy a cocktail with something sweet

Hey you! If you're reading this, you've spotted the red arrow at Strijp-S. And that's good news: the featured company of this month has a surprise in store for you. This month: enjoy a cocktail of your choice + a homemade pastry for only €10 at De Huiskamer Strijp-S. That is going to be a treat!

The discount

Fancy a well-deserved cocktail as well as something sweet on the side? Well, we don't blame you. All you have to do is show this page at the bar. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

*The promotion runs as long as the red arrow is in front of the door.

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Want to know more about De Huiskamer Strijp-S?

Take a look at their Instagram.

This is De Huiskamer Strijp-S

We already knew that the Strijp-S district was full of energy. De Huiskamer is a welcoming addition where you can relax with a refreshing cocktail, admire art by local talent or drool over delicious Surinamese snacks. Sounds good, right?

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