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This is All Vintage

Het is raar maar waar, maar totdat All Vintage de deuren opende, had de binnenstad van Eindhoven geen vintagewinkel. “Ja, ze zijn er wel, maar tot voor kort dus niet in het centrum,” vertelt Willeke, een van de eigenaars van All Vintage. Gelukkig kunnen liefhebbers van vintage en tweedehands kleding, schoenen en accessoires nu dus ook hartje stad terecht. “De dag dat we weer open mochten dit voorjaar, stond er een rij voor de deur,” lacht Hanneke, de andere eigenaar, “Ze wisten ons gelijk te vinden.”

Q. How did you get started with All Vintage?

A. Before we opened this store, we already had All Denim on the Bergstraat, just around the corner from here. We liked to open a second business and chose vintage and second-hand clothing. When this beautiful building came up for rent, we thought it would be nice to open our second shop here.

Q. And where does the clothing in your store come from?

A. We buy some ourselves, and some get brought here by people. We then select the items that make us enthusiastic. We only accept clothes that are clean, whole, and fresh. There are two options for those who bring their clothing here. We take the pieces, and they will receive 30 percent of the price for which we sell them. They can also choose to remain the owner of their items. This means that they will receive half the selling price when it is sold, but also that if it is not sold within eight to ten weeks, they come and collect their clothes.

Q. And what is it like to have two stores together?

A. It is really great. We are former colleagues and have worked together in the jeans business before. At that time, we said: "We should start a business!" We made a plan which resulted in our store All Denim one year later. We each have our own role and complement each other well. Hanneke is responsible for the administration and finances, and Willeke is responsible for social media and marketing. We do the purchasing of goods together.

All Vintage

Q. If you had to describe All Vintage in three words, what would you say?

A. Only three words? Geez, that is hard! We will smuggle a little bit. In any case, 'cozy' is one of the words. In addition, we are a welcome change, and we are original.

Q. What do shoppers come back to you for?

A. They are coming back for the affordable vintage. We consciously keep it like that because we think it should be fun to shop vintage. Our offer is constantly changing, so there is always something different to find.

Q. Do you have a golden styling tip?

A. You should just wear what you feel comfortable in. If you feel good in what you wear, you emanate that. It does not matter what others think of your outfit. If you feel good, it is fine.

Q. What other store would you recommend?

A. All Denim, of course, haha. For men, we recommend Walther on the Bergstraat. But there are definitely all kinds of very nice shops on the Bergstraat, for women, men, and children. 

All Vintage
All Vintage

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Name: All Vintage
Location: Keizersgracht 22
Specialized in: Vintage & second-hand clothing
An Eindhoven hotspot since: December 2020
Spoken with: Owners Hanneke and Willeke