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This is Boules Bites Bar

At the spot where nightclubs like the Hollywood, Liquid, Massa, and Club Seven celebrated their heydays, you now feel like you just stepped onto a picturesque French village square. Equipped with eight pétanque courts, a bar, and a menu with a Provencal touch, the team of Boules Bites Bar are well on their way to their glory days. A conversation with Jasper and Martijn. 

Q: Is there anything left over from the nightclub era?

Jasper: Both the stage and the dance pit with neon lights are still there. In the latter, we made two pétanque courts. People who have been here in the past will definitely recognize those elements.  

Q: Why did BoulesBitesBar come to Eindhoven?

Martijn: The boules concept is very suitable for company outings. And if there is something abundant in this region, it’s companies in all shapes and sizes: from world players to start-ups. In addition, boules is suitable for everyone, young and old; everyone can play it. Of course, it's also great fun for groups of friends.

Boules Bites Bar
Boules Bites Bar

Q: What on the menu goes well with a game of boules?

Jasper: The Plateau Grande, a large board with a good mix of everything on the menu. Think sweet potato fries, crispy chicken, and olives. Perfect as shared dining for a group.Martijn: Add a specialty beer or a cocktail, and you’ve achieved perfection!

Q: What do you like about this spot?

Jasper: The building has an almost fifty-year-old history as clubs, bars, and restaurants, so it also has fifty years’ worth of stories. With any luck, Ronny, who also used to work as a chef at the Hollywood, will share a juicy anecdote. The Dommelstraat is fun to walk along anyway, there is so much to see in this part of Eindhoven. 

Q: What makes people come back?

Martijn: The atmosphere. We notice that when people have been here for a company outing, they return with friends or family.Jasper: Then they often book the track in the dance pit. That one is a real favorite. 

Boules Bites Bar

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In short

Name: Boules Bites Bar
Location: Dommelstraat 7
Specialized in: Boules, drinks and conviviality
An Eindhoven hotspot since: 2021
Spoken with: Martijn van Antwerpen (manager) and Jasper van den Elsen (franchisee)