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This is Frankie's Favorites

Welcome to the fashion paradise of Frankie, aka Franka van der Linden. And it truly is a paradise because the colorful store called Frankie’s Favorites is always packed with about 1,600 different pre-loved items. Franka: "For every item we sell, we restock it with a fresh one."

Q. Can you tell us more about how you get a hold of these beautiful clothes?

Franka: I focus on second-hand clothing and accessories from the middle and higher price category. I noticed that there are many women with a packed closet filled with the most beautiful items. They don't want to throw things out, but they do want more space for new clothes. And now they are bringing these items to me to sell them. I have a collaboration with several luxury stores in the city center. Their customers sell their clothes at my shop. When an item is sold, they get 40% in the bank or 50% in-store credit at their favorite store.

Q. So, this variation of slow fashion is a multiple win-win.

Franka: Exactly! The selling parties make some closet space; that way, they can purchase new items in the stores I work with. In addition, the customer scored a unique item, I earn a living with this fun job, and the environment benefits too. 

Frankie's Favorites

Q. And is everything being sold?

Franka: Sometimes not. The items that don't get sold will be collected at the end of the season or will be donated to a good cause. 

Q. What's the biggest compliment you have ever received about the store?

Franka: Lots of personal shoppers come here too. The other day, one of them said: 'I visit shops all over the Netherlands, but you have the nicest one.' People often ask how I come across all these beautiful clothes.

Q. Why should visitors make a stop at Frankie's Favorites during their visit to Eindhoven?

Franka: You will not easily find what I offer in my shop elsewhere. Every piece we have is unique. In addition, I know Strijp-S like the back of my hand, so I also like to give visitors tips about hidden gems and cool places.

Frankie's Favorites
Frankie's Favorites

Q. How would you describe the style of the store?

Franka: Eclectic is the right word here! And bold and feminine. I love the combination of those styles. My personal taste is reflected in the store.

Q. And do you have a golden styling tip for the readers?

Franka: Choose one key piece to make a statement. This can be a belt, but also a bag or shirt. It is important to keep the rest of the outfit more modest.

Q. And finally: who would you like to style?

Franka: I would really like to dress Linda de Mol. I think she could look much more beautiful with different styling. She seems like a nice woman, and she does an amazing job with her foundation.

Frankie's Favorites

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Are you curious about Frankie's Favorites? The big red arrow is in front of the store, so you cannot miss it. Take a picture of yourself with the arrow at Frankie's Favorites and share it on your stories with a tag for @eindhovencity and @frankiesfavoritess. On presentation of your post, you will receive 5 euros in shopping credit when spending over 50 euros.

Name: Frankie's Favorites
Location: Torenallee 40-10, Strijp-S
Specialized in: High-end second-hand clothing and accessories
An Eindhoven hotspot since: 2019
Spoke with: Owner Franka van der Linden