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This is Houben Worstenbrood

Eindhoven is part of the Noord-Brabant province and a typical snack here in the area is a worstenbroodje a.k.a. a sausage roll, the specialty of Houben Worstenbrood. "A tasty tradition", as they call it themselves. Bart Houben and his brother Lucas own this sausage roll empire. This spring they moved into a new place at the Willemstraat in the city center. In this Q&A Bart tells a bit more about his company.

Q. The recipe for these sausage rolls is probably a secret?

Bart: Well, we are a family of bakers at the Houbens. Today, the traditional sausage rolls are still prepared according to grandfather’s special secret recipe. Just like our grandfather, our father, as well as our uncle, had a bakery in Eindhoven. We grew up in the bakery business and now we are working on new family recipes.

Q. You have a very diverse team working here. How did you put this team together?

Bart: We deliberately choose to be a workplace where people who do not always easily find a job can enjoy working. In our bakery, passionate young people work together with retired elderly people. These are experienced bakers and they pass on their craftsmanship to the younger generations. 


Q. Are you growing in such a fast way that more space is needed?

Bart: It was time for a larger building and we really have a lot more space here. Downstairs we have the lunchroom and bakery, and upstairs are spaces for workshops and meetings. It was our great wish to open a lunchroom. In addition to our sausage rolls, we have many more fresh delicacies on the menu, such as sandwiches, sweet treats, and our sausage rolls deluxe.

Q. And what about those star-rated sausage rolls?

Bart: We work together with several Michelin star chefs in the region. These chefs each developed their own Mieneke sausage roll, especially for Houben. They are quite the flavor bombs and can be ordered together in the Star Box.


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Name: Houben Worstenbrood
Location: Willemstraat 39
Specialized in: Sausage rolls
An Eindhoven hotspot since: 2014, since March 2020 at this location
Team members: 15
Number of seats: 40 inside, 16 outside