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This is Intelligentia

Rain or shine, something tasty from Intelligentia Taste Rooms is always a good idea. This award-winning ice cream parlor is among the five best in the Netherlands. They serve delicious ice cream and special afternoon teas all year round and know how to amaze you with every visit. Owner Björn Cocu is on a mission: "To surprise and encourage people to look at food and drinks differently." Björn and his team do everything in their power to make this happen and with success. All senses get stimulated when you visit Intelligentia Taste Rooms.

Q. What makes Intelligentia Taste Rooms a real Eindhoven hotspot?

Björn: First off, we have our roots here. But what makes our business an Eindhoven hotspot is that we are an actual attraction at Strijp-S. People come to this area especially for us. They know that we serve unusual things, and it is so satisfying to see their amazement and surprised faces every time.

Q. Can you describe a day at Intelligentia?

Björn: Every day is different, haha. All jokes aside, we have an annual plan, and it is clear to our entire team what is on the program. We choose our themes in advance. Everyone in the crew has their responsibilities. What happens every day: making fresh ice cream, placing orders with suppliers, and preparing orders from the webshop. We never sit still here. Until last year I was the one who had a say in everything. Nowadays, I also have other tasks outside the company. I am, among other things, a teacher at the Food Innovation Academy. So last year, it was time to give others a platform.


Q. What has been a big milestone for you so far?

Björn: For me, that's the fact that I ever started Intelligentia at all. It was an exciting step to start my own business. Entrepreneurship demands a lot from you, so naturally, this business has demanded a lot from me in terms of challenges. That makes it the most difficult but also the best time of my life.

Q. What is the greatest compliment you have ever received here?

Björn: Our ice cream tastes better than the ice cream in Italy. That is, of course, great to hear. People sometimes 'complain' that they are a bit spoiled by our ice cream, that it is less tasty elsewhere.

Q. Why do visitors have to stop at your place during their visit to Eindhoven?

Björn: With us, a world opens up for you. Here you can feel like a child again. Who would not want that? Our themes contribute to these fun feelings. A little hint on a future theme: from August, the Wonderroom will have Harry Potter as its new theme. We mesmerize all your senses. How about an exciting Lord Voldemort appetizer cocktail?

Q. But what about all those taste rooms here? Tell us more about them!

Björn: Two years ago, we moved to this much larger space and introduced the taste rooms. You can get our ice cream in the Frozen Room. We have several flavors all year round and several flavors that match the theme of that moment. In the Wonderroom, you can enjoy a special afternoon tea. The Coffee Room speaks for itself. In addition to coffee, we also serve all kinds of other drinks there. We developed the Fan Room especially to take the experience of our business home with you. Tip: make sure you have a camera with you.


Q. Who or what is really indispensable in your business?

Björn: Our team. Everything works well, and everyone knows exactly what to do. Of course, our guests are important to us, but so is our staff. If they feel happy at work, our guests will notice it.

Q. Is there something you would never order from the menu?

Björn: When I look at what we serve, I find our muffins the least exciting. They are still very tasty and look nice, but I want to be surprised, and a muffin is not suitable for that. I'll rather have a tartlet where you taste something different within different layers and structures. So I'm working on the ultimate tartlet at the moment.

Q. What other restaurant would you recommend?

Björn: I hardly ever go out for dinner, but I can definitely recommend Zarzo and Flavor & Spice.

Q. And who would you like to serve something tasty?

Björn: Jordi Roca, the best pastry chef in the world. And Chef Heston Blumenthal. Everything he does is interesting. They are both very welcome here.


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Name: Intelligentia Taste Rooms
Location: Leidingstraat 27
Specialized in: Next-level ice cream and experimental afternoon tea
An Eindhoven hotspot since: May 2014
Talked to: owner Björn Cocu