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This is Jimmy Green

Jimmy Green just opened its doors. Yet, owners Sjors Stakenburg and Frank Schevers are no rookies in the food business. Until March last year, they were very successful with Roll & Bowl: their food trucks with fresh and healthy dishes on the menu. “We always wanted a business without wheels. Last year we started making plans for one,” says Sjors. And now everyone in Eindhoven can have the tasty dishes of Jimmy Green delivered at home as a takeaway or enjoy them on site.

Q. What do we find here that we cannot find anywhere else?

Sjors: Look, if you do not feel like or have the time to cook, you often have to rely on fast food, or you have to spend a lot of money on a meal. Here you will quickly get served a healthy and nutritious meal that is also super tasty and affordable.

Q. And what is on the menu then?

Sjors: Of course, we serve our Roll & Bowl bestsellers like the Classic Latin Burrito or Burrito Bowl packed with vegetables. To which you can add chicken, tempeh, or steak. We have also added dishes such as the Peanut Power, a bold bowl for those who could use some extra power. And Avocado Greens, a nutritious low-carb salad bowl, and a lot more. Our dishes also go with a plant-based diet.

Q. And people do not have to wait a long time?

Sjors: That is right! We want people to have their food quickly. When you order in the restaurant, it takes about 5 minutes to get your dish ready

Jimmy Green

Q. What is the most memorable moment so far for you?

Sjors: Of course, we have only just opened. I loved it when we got "How did this concept not yet exist?!" from an enthusiastic customer. That was a nice boost for us!

Q. Why did you start in Eindhoven with Jimmy Green?

Sjors: I know my way around here well. This is our hometown, after all. We searched for the right building for a long time, because it was important to us that the bicycle deliverers can easily stop at our place. And also, we know that our dishes are popular with the international residents of Eindhoven, so that is also a good reason to start here.

Jimmy Green
Jimmy Green

Q. What does the future look like for your business?

Sjors: My dream is to have Jimmy Green restaurants in different cities in the Netherlands. But first, we are going to make a success of Jimmy Green Eindhoven.

Q. What other restaurant would you recommend?

Sjors: I am a fan of restaurant Kyoto. They always serve quality food. And I think that the Happiness Café is a fun and innovative restaurant.

Q. Who would you like to serve something delicious to?

Sjors: A hospitality entrepreneur who knows what it is like to continue to grow and innovate. That is why I would love to welcome chef and entrepreneur Eveline Wu and talk to her about food and business.

Jimmy Green

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Name: Jimmy Green
Location: Keizersgracht 12
Specialized in: Real food, quick service
An Eindhoven hotspot since: June 1, 2021