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This is Luzt

Since last summer, there is an outstanding new restaurant on Market Square (de Markt). Iris Wischman opened Luzt Gastrobar, together with David Hendrich and Youri Doreleijers. This venue is a pleasure for the eyes and will tickle your taste buds at the same time. The overall picture is spot on, partly thanks to the eye for detail of these experienced entrepreneurs. Already got excited? Then please take our free advice: book a table as soon as possible!

Q. What makes Luzt a real Eindhoven hotspot?

A. With Luzt we really add something special to the Eindhoven restaurant scene. In our restaurant, everything has been carefully thought out in detail. We think it is very important that everyone feels comfortable here. Our service is of a high level and it is of course very cozy here. You know immediately that you are in Eindhoven thanks to the enormous mural by Ivi van Keulen.

Q. What memory makes you smile?

A. Actually, we have beautiful moments here every day. I love to see how people's jaws drop when they enter Luzt. That they are really surprised by what they see. I really get a kick out of those responses, because that is the reaction we aim for, of course. After all the nice weather lately, there was some fall weather last weekend and I thought people would stay at home. The fact that we were completely booked under those circumstances makes me so proud. In a short time, we already have regular guests!

Luzt Gastrobar
Luzt Gastrobar

Q. What are you hoping for in the future?

A. That we remain a hotspot. When people from other places want to know where to go in Eindhoven, Luzt is given as a tip.

Q. What if, someone is in Eindhoven for a weekend, why should they not skip Luzt?

A. Because only at Luzt they can be enchanted by the combination of fine dining, the special flavors, our authentic Brabant-style hospitality, and the instagramable looks. We complete a special evening. We make sure you think back to a weekend in Eindhoven with a smile.

Q. And how did you come up with the idea to start this gastro bar?

A. Youri, David, and I have been joining forces for some time now. Over the past five years, we have set up Stadsbrouwerij Eindhoven, Stadsbrouwerij 013, and De Albatros together. We were ready for a new challenge to add to the family and that became Luzt. A completely different concept than the three other businesses, but with just as much love and passion.

Q. You just mentioned the regular guests. What do they come back for?

A. The feedback always mentions our great staff. You can serve the most beautiful dishes, but if the staff is rubbish, it won’t work anyway. People also come back for the appealing menu. Sometimes they can't choose. When I walk into our kitchen I immediately get three spoons handed with something that I really have to taste. That's not a punishment, haha!

Luzt Gastrobar

Q. What dish would you recommend from the menu?

A. Iris calls in the chef. They go over the entire menu and they actually cannot choose from all the dishes themselves. A. Okay, I'll make the decision. I choose the pickled and smoked tuna tataki. Although I also really like the bisque with langoustines. And the Luzt plateau, oh well I love everything here.

Q. When it comes to cocktails, do we get enough options?

A. You bet! Our cocktail tender Louis knows how to surprise everyone with his cocktails. In both the alcoholic and virgin varieties, he works with freshly made juices and syrups and makes the most of them. Good work takes time, so that is something you have to take into account.

Q. Who or what is really indispensable in your business?

A. Our service elevator. We really can't work without it, because the kitchen is upstairs. The lift is made entirely of glass and is specially made for us in Italy. We turned something functional into a real eye-catcher, which is visible on three floors.

Q. Is there something you would never order from the menu yourself?

A. Yes! At first the polenta. Until now I had only eaten it prepared the traditional way in Italy and that wasn’t a success for me. Chef Ruben said to me that it can be done differently and he was correct. His baked polenta is really delicious!

Luzt Gastrobar
Luzt Gastrobar

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Name: Luzt Gastrobar
Location: Markt 19
Specialized in: Fine dining and spectacular cocktails
An Eindhoven hotspot since: June 1, 2020
Spoken with: Iris Wischman, co-owner