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This is Mathilde

You never have to search for a long time for a restaurant in Eindhoven. Every type of cuisine is represented here. But where do you go for enjoying a drink, including enjoying some tasty dishes? That’s exactly what Brigitte Jaspers, co-owner of Mathilde, and her partners thought. The idea for a nice bar with a city vibe was born. But who exactly is Mathilde? “The mother of one of the founders used to live at this property. Her name is Mathilde, ” explains Brigitte. Okay, another mystery solved.

Q. Is Mathilde a real Eindhoven hotspot?

Brigitte: Mathilde could be located anywhere in the Netherlands in terms of concept, but this great building is a real Eindhoven highlight. It is such a striking place, in the middle of the Kleine Berg.

Q. What is your favorite memory of this spot?

Brigitte: I only have warm memories of the past period. For example, how our team remained so involved despite all the COVID 19-measures. They have so much commitment. We have become a big Mathilde family.


Q. What is the greatest compliment you have ever received here?

Brigitte: It is great to receive compliments from our guests. People are amazed that we always have a full terrace in the short time we are in business. In addition, I think it is very nice that people notice that we have a very friendly team and fortunately they tell us that.

Q. You have established this with several people. How did you find each other?

Brigitte: We met at the brewery and started talking. We all have a background in the hotel and hospitality industry, so knowing about hospitality is a thing we have in common. This building became vacant and we have continued to develop the concept aimed at having drinks and meeting up.”

Q. What type is Mathilde? Can you describe her in three words?

Brigitte: Then I go for hospitable, quality, and urban.


Q. You say about Mathilde: drinks and more. What's the ‘more’ in the whole story?

Brigitte: So we are a café and not a restaurant. You can have a drink here all day long. The ‘more’ is, among other things, in the extensive range dishes that we serve, ‘borrelplank’ in Dutch, and all the activities that we organize.

Q. What would you recommend from the menu?

Brigitte: Our bestseller has to be the ‘Mathilde plank’, a richly filled board that is available in different varieties. The Surf & Turf with grilled tenderloin and prawns in my personal favorite. And our fries are very tasty, I would like to eat them every day.

Q. And do you have any special drinks that we have to taste?

Brigitte: So we have our own beer and our own gin. The names are not difficult to remember: Mathilde Bier and Mathilde Gin.


Take a photo

Are you curious about Mathilde? The big red arrow is in front of the café, so you cannot miss it. Take a picture of yourself with the arrow in front of Mathilde and share it on your Stories with a tag for @eindhovencity and @mathildeeindhoven. When you show your photo at Mathilde, you and a table companion will both receive a glass of wine on the house when ordering a ‘Mathilde plank’.

Name: Mathilde
Location: Kleine Berg 26
Specialized in: Drinks and meet-ups
An Eindhoven hotspot since: March 1, 2020
Spoken with: owner Brigitte Jaspers