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This is Mooie Boules

Name a place in Eindhoven where you can play Dutch and English board games, operate your own beer tap as a group, improve your pétanque technique, eat, sing some karaoke and just have a lot of fun. We will give you the answer: for all this fun you just have to go to Mooie Boules. Manager Sander explains why.

Q. What did you think? Eindhoven could use some Mooie Boules fun?

Sander: There was no such thing in Eindhoven yet. We have a raw touch, here you can do what you want. Eindhoven didn’t have a place where groups could have a nice evening full of fun, without too many rules.

Q. And where did the idea come from to set up a night out around pétanque as a concept?

Sander: Ten years ago at a square in Amsterdam, our founders just played a game of pétanque with a bunch of friends. A year later, 100 people took part in a tournament and a 1,000 the following year. We started with a kind of food hall meets pétanque courts in Amsterdam. After that, the cities Rotterdam and Delft where next and now we are here.

Mooie Boules
Mooie Boules

Q. Do you already have wild plans for the future in mind with this location?

Sander: Haha, a second business in Eindhoven? All kidding aside, I really want to collaborate with other businesses, where our location on the Kleine Berg becomes the main one complemented with other places in Eindhoven where people can play pétanque. 

Q. Mooie Boules in three words, go!

Sander: I don't have to think long about that: eating, drinking and pétanque. But you don't have to do it all at the same time. 

Q. What would you recommend from your menu?

Sander: Chef Ron Blaauw's Indonesian rice table, with sixteen dishes that are very delicious.

Q. Huh, a rice table? That is a surprise!

Sander: At all our locations, different types of dishes are served, from rice tables to street food.

Mooie Boules

Q. And what do we drink?

Sander: The local brewers De Stadsbrouwerij and Van Moll are on tap next to each other. We would also like to add Brewery Het Veem to this. Our signature beer is Swinckels.

Q. Do you ever look at the reviews? If so, does it have an effect on you?

Sander: Yes, I sure look at the reviews. They are very important to us. But we only have nice ones, haha. But seriously, we got comments, for example, that people would like more choices in terms of food. We will certainly do something with those comments and expand our menu.

Q. Who would you like to serve something tasty to?

Sander: I would like to invite Dutch singer Guus Meeuwis. Do I think he has a talent for pétanque? If you can hold a glass of beer, you can also play péntanque. 

Mooie Boules
Mooie Boules

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Name: Mooie Boules
Location: Kleine Berg 12
Specialized in: fun and games
An Eindhoven hotspot since: June 1, 2020
Spoken to: manager Sander van Dalen