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This is Pinkie Patisserie

Edible works of art that make your mouth water. We're talking about the pastries and cakes of Pinkie Patisserie. And they've got a showcase full of them. Fruity explosions, tasty chocolate bombs, impressive cakes: pastry chef Ruud Adriaens creates them all. Together with his partner Judith Verschuuren and the team, he creates true moments of joy at the Stratumsedijk. In conversation with the couple.

Q: Why did you become a pastry chef?

Ruud: I have been working in the hospitality industry for a long time. In 2011, I wanted to start my own business. I chose pastry because it brings a smile to your face. There were no pastry shops in Eindhoven with a cozy place to sit and enjoy a cake or pastry. I knew exactly how I wanted to serve those pastries to turn them into an actual coffee moment. 

Judith: It was always a dream to work for Pinkie. I studied bread and pastry. When I applied in 2017 and started working for Ruud, one thing led to another.

Q: What does this location mean to you?

Ruud: This is where all the pieces come together. I started with a store at Piet Hein Eek, Strijp-R. I could do a lot of pioneering there. And I did everything on my own. One minute, I would be working on some mousse in the bakery, the next minute people start walking in; my cue to wash my hands, put the mousse away, and help the customers.  Strijp-R was a great place to discover what I wanted, but not very efficient.

Pinkie was also located in the heart of the city for a while. The downside was that customers always had to park their car in the parking garage before visiting. Here, everything comes together: a beautiful building, a fantastic team, people passing by as they go to the city center, and parking next to the store.

Pinkie Patisserie
Pinkie Patisserie

Q: What makes guests come back?

Judith: The atmosphere. We have a lot of regulars. On Saturdays, I know exactly who will walk in. It’s like clockwork. I miss the guests when they're not here. They often announce it when they go on vacation the following week. Of course, they also come back for our pastries. Some of them like our croissants. Everyone has their own favorite. 

Ruud: Some customers have been coming to Pinkie since my days on the Eek site. Back then, I made a cake for the birth of a child. Now I get to decorate the birthday cake with an 8.

Q: What would you recommend?

Judith: The Milky Pear Cinnamon is one of my favorites, this time of year: it’s a milk chocolate brownie with a layer of cinnamon cream in the middle and a pear mousse on top. Or the coffee chocolate caramel, which is also delicious.

Ruud: Of course, it's a matter of taste. Sometimes I feel like something fruity, and the other time I feel like a nice big slice of chocolate cake. Or a sneaky littleapple pie if I haven't had breakfast yet. It really depends.

Pinkie Patisserie

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In short

Name: Pinkie Patisserie
Location: Stratumsedijk 9
Specialized in: Modern pastry shop for real pampering moments
An Eindhoven hotspot since: 2012
Spoken with: Ruud Verschuren en Judith Verschuren