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This is Radegast

Welcome to Radegast! For those wondering what Radegast means, it is the god of hospitality in Slavic mythology. A nice name for this restaurant with a love for beer. The name was not chosen randomly. The inspiration for this place is its namesake Radegast in New York. Co-owner Marc Glaser: “Hans Snoeijen, also co-owner, and I decided to bring the Radegast New York atmosphere from New York to Eindhoven. Our motto is bites and beers. We serve no-nonsense dishes and we always have a tasty beer that goes well with them."

Q. What makes Radegast a real Eindhoven hotspot?

A. We are focused on Eindhoven. We have a strong personal bond with the city. And in terms of location, the Eindhoven vibe’s all over the place here because we are in the building named the Witte Dame, a former Philips factory in the heart of the city center.

Q. And can you name a milestone that happened since you opened the restaurant?

A. That would definitely be opening the doors of this place last year. After nine months of renovation, delays, and a lockdown, we were incredibly happy to welcome guests. A positive of the delayed opening was that Clausplein, the park in front of Radegast, was finished during the lockdown. Now the Witte Dame (white lady) is surrounded by green.

Q. How would you describe Radegast in three words?

A. Bites, beers, and hospitality, that is what it is all about here.


Q. Is it possible to have lunch at Radegast?

A. Yes! We are open every day at 11am. 

Q. When we look at the menu, what dish would you recommend?

A. You can order food here until closing time. We work together with butcher Slagerij Reinders, so we serve delicious meat dishes. We prepare some of the meat on our charcoal barbecue. Other recommendations on our menu are the flammkuchen and the somewhat lighter lunch dishes. You can also order our sharing platters, like the Bar Board or the Beer Board.


Q. And what do we drink?

A. Let me start by saying that we love beer. In addition to that, we also have an extensive collection of other beverages. We simply have the best of everything. For the beer, we work together with De Biergondiër, a beer sommelier who, together with us, ensures that we have a nicely balanced beer menu. With 34 beers on tap and another 30 bottled, we have a beer suggestion on the menu for every dish. This way, you can enjoy the ideal beer-food combination.

Q. Who would you like to serve a nice meal?

A. My hero is Dutch chef Jonnie Boer. Not only because of his cooking skills and entrepreneurial drive, but also how he treats his guests. The hospitality of the team at his hotel and restaurant has such a pleasant no-nonsense mentality that you immediately feel at home. I would love to welcome him here sometime.


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Name: Radegast 040
Location: Clausplein 6
Specialized in: Bites and beers
An Eindhoven hotspot since: June 1, 2020
Spoken with: Co-owner Marc Glaser and manager Joshy van Hout