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This is Radio Royaal

In ten years, a lot has changed at Strijp-S. Nowadays, there are quite a few restaurants on the former Philips site, but that was always the case. Radio Royaal saw the light of day as a pop-up restaurant during Dutch Design Week 2012 and made the initiators wanting more. As one of the first restaurants on the site, Radio Royaal is definitely here to stay. Let's have a conversation with Bart Gardenier.

Q. What makes Radio Royaal a real Eindhoven hotspot?

Bart: This terrain and building are former Philips, and that's only possible in Eindhoven. This used to be the energy house of the site; the impressive white buildings surrounding it were the factories. Many original elements in our restaurant have been preserved. For example, there are still original machines.

Q. How did Radio Royaal get started?

Bart: Our pop-up restaurant in 2012 was such a success that we wanted to continue after that. We went to talk to the owners of the building, and they liked our plans too. There was almost nothing here at Strijp-S, and that is different now. We are (almost) ten years further on. In terms of atmosphere and style, Radio Royaal has not changed much in all those years. The big picture has remained the same.

Radio Royaal
Radio Royaal

Q. How do you see the future for yourself?

Bart: Next year we celebrate our anniversary, so on to the next ten years. At this moment, we only serve dinner, but I would like to start serving lunch again soon. Furthermore, in a year or two, I hope to have a nice square in front of the door. As long as we have been here, there has been construction work around us, so an attractive square would be great after all this time.

Q. What is the greatest compliment you have ever received?

Bart: We are often told that people enjoy being here. In particular, the casual atmosphere and a friendly team. That relaxed atmosphere is reinforced by the fact that we have a swing in the middle of the restaurant and a football table and air air-hockey table. So you can also entertain yourself between courses here.

Radio Royaal

Q. What do your guests come back for?

Bart: Besides the atmosphere, our guests love to come back for our dishes. The flammk├╝chen and oysters are particularly popular. You can't eat that everywhere, so both dishes are often ordered.

Q. Who or what is really indispensable in your business?

Bart: Our chef Bob is indispensable. He has been with us for two years now, and we complement each other well. We have the same idea about food, how it should look, how it should taste and of course he is an excellent cook. Bob is a pleasant person to have around.

Q. What other restaurant would you recommend?

Bart: I think the place of designer Piet Hein Eek is very cool.

Radio Royaal
Radio Royaal

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Name: Radio Royaal
Location: Ketelhuisplein 10
Specialized in: Dinner in a special space with history
An Eindhoven hotspot since: 2012
Spoken with: Bart Gardenier