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This is Tea Stories

Are you familiar with the big red tower at Strijp-S? That's Haasje Over, one of the latest architectural additions to the district. Haasje Over is also the new home of Tea Stories, the famous tea bar by Lucia Parlanti (formerly located at Yksi Expo). It's the perfect place to try unique drinks, such as lavender lattes and caramel sea salt matcha creations. Nice to know: everything on the menu is vegan, even the coffee and the dumplings.

Q. What made you start Tea Stories?

Lucia: From an early age, I wanted to start my own business, to create something for myself. When I went to China with my then-boyfriend, now-husband, I discovered my passion: tea. There, tea has a very different meaning. In China, tea culture is a real thing. It's more or less a lifestyle; bubble tea is a strong example of this. With Tea Stories, I want people to taste and experience tea.

Q. Tea Stories started at Yski in 2019. What is it like to have your own place?

Lucia: It feels like I'm an adult now. I am ready for business. At Yksi Expo, I was less visible; people had to know there was a tea bar inside. Now, my store is 100% Tea Stories. It's simple, conscious, and with an eye for high-quality products. We had a great time at Yksi, but we're ready for the next step.

Tea Stories

Q. Why do people come back for?

Lucia: For the drinks, obviously! Some of our guests want to try everything on the menu; others have a favorite. We've also noticed it's a great hangout spot. People like to chill here for a while.

Q. What is your ultimate bestseller?

Lucia: The Matcha Bubble Tea really makes us stand out! The matcha comes directly from a small farm in Japan, from Wazuka. Together with Oatly milk, it makes a perfect creamy combination.

Q. You've probably tried the whole menu. Do you have a favorite?

Lucia: Dat is de Strawberry Hojicha Latte. Matcha is meestal wel bekend, Hoijcha is de cafe├»nevrije variant. Het heeft een geroosterde smaak, verrassend in combinatie met aardbei. 

Q. Where do you get your products from?

Lucia: We maken alles van de beste ingredi├źnten: onze voorkeur gaat uit naar seizoensproducten en producten van hier. Maar we halen onze thee bij kleine boeren uit China, Japan, Afrika en Thessaloniki (Griekenland). Lokaal komt onze koffie van Sprout Coffee Roasters op Fifth NRE, en het brood van Broodt. O, en er is een lokaal stel dat maakt de kimchi (gefermenteerde kool) voor ons. 

Tea Stories
Tea Stories

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Name: Tea Stories
Location: Leidingstraat 203
Specialized in: To surprise with tea in a soothing atmosphere
An Eindhoven hotspot since: 2019
Spoken with: Lucia Parlanti