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This is Vintage Vêtements

The red arrow goes Strijp-S! And the first hotspot to have our eye-catching feature on their doorstep is Vintage Vêtements. Here you will find vintage finds for everyone: clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each item is selected by owner Ilya van den Berg: “I choose items for the store that I like personally, but I also think about the fashion taste of other people, of course. New items are added every day, so the offer in the store is never the same.”

Q. What makes Vintage Vêtements a real Eindhoven hotspot?

Ilya: Our location here in this old Philips factory is very characteristic. Besides, my partner Jeroen Ham and I are of Eindhoven origin. We were born and raised here and have a warm heart for the city. That is why we not only sell vintage items, but we also enter into collaborations with Eindhoven designers. This is reflected in our interior. We also sell design products, such as the Mind the Mirror by Fieke van Berkom.

Q. What is your week like?

Ilya: The store is open Wednesday through Sunday. I love helping people to find a nice outfit if they want to. Because often people also want to browse through the store on their own, and that is perfectly fine. Also, I buy items once in a while. I pay attention to the details and the fabrics. They must be beautiful and comfortable.

Q. What is the most memorable moment in Vintage Vêtements' existence?

Ilya: I first had a shop-in-shop, so the step to start my own store here at Strijp-S was really great. The first weekend the store was open, I had goosebumps all over. In advance, I had a clear idea of how it should look, and when the shop was finished, it had become even more beautiful than I had imagined.

Vintage Vêtements
Vintage Vêtements

Q. Okay, a shop-in-shop first, how did you get started?

Ilya: I have loved shopping vintage since I was 15. I really enjoy looking for beautiful items, the gems for little money. Also, it is more sustainable to buy vintage clothing instead of new items. A few years ago, Jeroen already sold vintage furniture and we had talked about selling vintage clothes. He called me at the end of October in 2018 with "I have space in my store, do you like to do something with clothes here?" That is how it started. I found out that this is the right path for me. 

Q. What do shoppers come back for?

Ilya: The collection changes very often because when items are sold, I put something new on the rack. Some people even come to wander around every week to see if they can find something nice.

Q. How would you describe the style of Vintage Vêtements?

Ilya: Our style is quite diverse, but there is a certain consistency to it. I only sell real vintage: clothing older than 20 to 30 years. So, everything was made in the last century. Many pieces look modern but were designed years ago. I think it is important to guarantee quality. Many pieces of clothing that I sell could be made today, but the details and fabrics show it’s from “a different era".

Vintage Vêtements

Q. Do you have a golden styling tip?

Ilya: I prefer to mix everything. As far as I am concerned, anything is possible, but I do think that if you want a striking look, you should go all the way. Own it! Wear what appeals to you.

Q. Are there things in the store that you would never wear yourself?

Ilya walks through the store and looks around, looking for something that is not quite her style.

Ilya: The chicer items do not suit me. And I hardly ever wear black. I like colors a lot.

Q. Which store would you recommend?

Ilya: Magda on the Bergstraat. Their clothes last a long time and are timeless. That is another form of sustainability in terms of clothing.

Q. Who would like to give a make-over?

Ilya: I choose someone from Eindhoven, Mayor Jorritsma. I like the challenge to dress him nicely in vintage.

Vintage Vêtements
Vintage Vêtements

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Name: Vintage Vêtements
Location: Leidingstraat 43
Specialized in: wonderful vintage finds
An Eindhoven hotspot since: September 2020 at Strijp-S, founded in 2019
Spoke to: Ilya van den Berg, owner