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Unfold: Rethinking Mobility

Amber Eindhoven

In this short documentary, we will take you on a journey through tomorrow's mobility and introduce you to innovative car makers.

8x International Supermarkets

With 170 nationalities, Eindhoven is a city full of international supermarkets and specialty stores. Check 'm out!


from Design Academy

6 places

for startups

8x Acting and theatre classes

8x Street art tips in Eindhoven

4x Food


We talked to four Eindhoven-based food designers about the projects they are currently working on.

In October of each year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. DDW concentrates on the design of the future and the future of design.

Dutch Design Week 2019

Oliver van Herpt about his 3D printed ceramics

Olivier van Herpt_atelier

He makes beautiful ceramic objects, especially vases, with a 3D printer that he has developed himself and is now commercially on the market.

An unbounded city

with a strong focus and high tech innovation and conceptual design. We’re known for being ‘hands down the most inventive city in the world’.

Zeynep Dag about her company Alzuarr.

Kissler Ankle Boots_Zeynep Dag

Jelle Mastenbroek about his project Glassworks.

Jelle Mastenbroek_close up


Unconventional alternative

for visionary bright minds


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