AR Filter 'Swarming Vibes' by Damon van Drimmelen

Visual designer Damon van Drimmelen opened his very own design studio last year and after his Share the Vibe video he has now developed an Eindhoven Augmented Reality Filter, the 'Swarming Vibes'. Curious about his process?

Q. What was your inspiration for this Augmented Reality filter?

A. For the design I let myself be influenced by the movements of swarms as you sometimes see with birds or fish. The phenomenon that a beauty can arise in the chaos of loose elements. It was also important to me that the design makes use of the spatial possibilities of augmented reality. The distance, scale and viewing angle all offer a unique perspective for the user. You can almost step into the swarm and study the vibes individually, but also observe the flowing movements as a whole from a distance.

Q. What does your design process look like? Do you have a certain distinctive approach? 

A. Typical for my work is that it often stems from a visual fascination. This can be a particular material/shape study or as is the case with my previous Share The Vibe, an exploration of space and light. These fascinations actually change with every project. I don't think I have a certain style but rather a design process that always leads to a different outcome.

Q. What makes Eindhoven a great or not so great working environment? 

A. As a relatively small city, Eindhoven has the unique position that many creatives work at a high, international level. A punching-above-our-weight mentality. There is an atmosphere in which creativity is celebrated by both creatives and their clients. This makes Eindhoven a unique place to live and work.

"For the design I let myself be influenced by the movements of swarms"

Damon van Drimmelen

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