AR Filter 'Vibe Glasses' by Ton Mikkers

We’ve know motion designer Ton Mikkers for quite some time now, as he is no stranger to Share the Vibe. He now also has developed an Augmented Reality filter for us and all Eindhoven fans. Have you already tried it?

Q. What was your inspiration for this Augmented Reality filter? 

A. I want to give people another pair of glasses to look through. A positive look at the world at a time when we have to hold back for a second. By giving someone an experience that will cheer them up and make them proud of our city. In terms of form, I was inspired by pop icons Madonna and Lady Gaga and movies like Bladerunner.

Q. What does your design process look like? Do you have a certain distinctive approach? 

A. I always start by asking questions. The more complete the information, the better I am able to use my expertise to find the right solution. Then I write a concept in which I describe the challenge and the solution I've found. I then translate that into a moodboard and some sketches that indicate the visual direction. Finally comes the technical implementation in which I convert the creative idea into a digital design, an animation or in this case an AR filter. This is always done in close consultation with the client, because together you achieve the best result.

Q. What makes Eindhoven a great or not so great working environment? 

A. Eindhoven is a city of change for me. A city that’s always moving with the times. For me, that works very stimulating. Here, I feel that exciting things are happening at the intersection of design and technology. And that's the place where you want to be creative! Furthermore, the Brabant-like conviviality and the resulting sense of collaboration are very pleasant extras.

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