Share the Vibe | Barbara Medo

Barbara Medo is a material designer and photographer, two sides that always come together in her work. In the latest Share the Vibe video she pays tribute to a city in transformation.

“I've lived at Strijp-S for years and see how the city is changing enormously. All those new buildings that are rising up, I wanted to do something with that in the video. I work a lot with photography myself and making this video felt a bit like creating a stop-motion movie. In the Share the Vibe you see different buildings being built and the city slowly changing."

'This Share the Vibe video pays tribute to a city in transformation'

Barbara Medo

"It starts in the night, with the nightlife of the city, and then continues as a kind of time-lapse into the daylight. I have used many colors to emphasize the vibrant character of Eindhoven."

"Strijp-S is not only the place where I live but also where I have my studio. I work in Plug-in-City, a kind of city in a city. A small community of creatives based on a circular economy. We are a temporary 'village', and will probably stay at this place at Strijp-S for the next few years. We built Plug-in-City ourselves, I think those modular buildings might have inspired me for this video as well."

Music: Boonz Media Productions

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