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They are the bouillon cubes of this city, says Remco van de Craats. The Share the Vibe videos that capture the energy of Eindhoven. Remco is creative director of Edhv, the agency behind the videos. About ten times a year they approach visual designers from Eindhoven for a new production. This time they did it themselves. The result: a colorful bombardment of vibes.

"The Share the Vibe videos are the bouillon cubes of this city"

Remco van de Craats - Edhv

This video is actually the second Share the Vibe produced by Edhv. The other 37 videos were made by other creatives from Eindhoven, like Johan Moorman, Mike Roelofs and Cleo Goossens. In 36,5 seconds they share their vibe. Remco and his team started over three years ago. "Eindhoven lacked a visual culture. You had the Evoluon, the Flying Pins and PSV. But Eindhoven also has an unconventional mentality, which makes the city so cool. How do you express that? We came up with the Share the Vibes to express the identity of Eindhoven.”

Edhv was looking for the city's leading visual designers. "Now you would call them influencers. Creatives who are active in Eindhoven and excel in the visual arts, animation, photography or design. We ask them to make a video, and we often help them with the art direction. After more than three years that has resulted in a wide range of visuals. Sometimes fast, slick and outspoken. Other times raw and explosive.

In 2021 there will be a great spin-off of the Share the Vibe series, but more about that in the coming months. For now, says Remco, they will continue to produce the videos. He sees the visuals everywhere on social media, in videos, photos or GIFs. It's an unconventional and creative way to share your love for the city. Eindhoven belongs to everyone. Share the Vibe.

The music for this Share the Vibe is by Remco's old high school buddy Christan Rademaker.

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