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When we were video calling with Sanne Schuurman, designer, art director, and co-founder of Envisions, we obviously not just talked about the latest video and its result. Quickly she took us through all kinds of processes, something design lab Envisions is an expert at.

If you cross disciplines, an experimental process emerges, resulting in something exciting.

- Sanne Schuurman, Envisions

It’s the process that’s central. That concerns Envisions itself, the designers, their work, the video, and even Eindhoven. The start of this ongoing process started just after the Design Academy, where nine designers decided not to be competitors, but partners. 

The combination of a group of designers from different disciplines brings new knowledge and visions together. The complete work of the designer is central, not just the result. Instead of a catalog full of end products, the making of processes is what it's all about. "We function as one portfolio with which I can visit companies, and show all our in-house expertise and different processes. We can take a look at your product, your collection, or your way of producing with these designers, and we will each notice different things."

Nowadays, Envisions has 25 designers. That’s even more disciplines, each following their own path. If you cross disciplines, an experimental process emerges, which results in an even more exciting result. It’s similar to the city: a place where technology and design intersect.  

Sanne talks about how Eindhoven is a city where so many industries, designers, and innovation co-exist. One of the reasons Envisions chose to settle in this city and also the reason for the envisioners Ronald Smits and Elvis Wesley to design the video and scans based on their various digital qualities. The different materials shown in the video show those different identities. The scanned materials bridge the gap between tech and design and, with their raw finish, match their focus and environment: there’s room for imperfections and especially trust the process. 

With new work, they will join the Dutch Design Week this year, which looks a little different from previous years. Expect (online) experiences, new fascinations, and even more crossovers, but be sure to check out their Share the Vibe video first. 


Elvis Wesley, Ronald Smits & Sanne Schuurman

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