Floris Vos | Share the Vibe

I grew up here in the region, in Bakel to be precise. I carried on living there while I was a student, to try to keep costs down a bit. In 2000 I finished my studies and started my own business in Helmond. Early in 2007 I moved to Utrecht to develop myself further. What started with graphics work later moved into 3D animation, and is shifting further and further towards film: something I always dreamed about as a child. My background in concept and styling means I take a different approach to the medium than a traditional film maker.

“My focus is now entirely on Eindhoven. That’s going to be our new permanent location.”

Floris Vos

After a few years it seemed like a good idea to start working in Amsterdam, but that didn’t really work out as I’d hoped. So back I went to Utrecht. In the meantime, my girlfriend and I had two young children and decided it was time to move back to Eindhoven. After making this decision a year ago, I started doing the rounds of the city, making contact with old faces, having coffee with new ones, seeing and feeling how things were going in the city. I was surprised at how easily it all went.

Everyone was open to meeting up, I constantly received tips to go and have a chat with this or that person. It took a little while to get used to, as it wasn’t something I’d really experienced before: wanting the best for each other, sharing ideas with others to enhance those ideas and make them better. There’s such a progressive, forward-thinking atmosphere in this city.

About the campaign

In my eyes, what we experience in life is determined by the people we meet. For me, all the open-hearted discussions I’d had, and the willingness to enrich one another with ideas, sparked something within me. I wanted to strengthen that feeling and magnify it. It’s about praising imagination and unrestricted thought, worshiping inspiration as a new kind of religion. And finding peace, energy and meaning in rituals. And this with a technical interpretation which is physically recognizable for this age.

My style is quite dark, I do tend to prefer the sombre and dreamlike. For this project I’ve actually used a lot of colours for me. I see it as my introduction to the city. The start of something bigger, the beginning of stories and new ways of telling them.