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For Frank de Bruijn, Eindhoven is 'a high speed train’ he wanted to jump on. Two years ago he therefore decided to move his innovative film company to Eindhoven. Now he and his team are the makers of this month’s Share the Vibe video. ‘We came up with something that was quite a challenge.”

The ultra-short film about the vibe of Eindhoven is rather high tech this time. If you don't pay attention, you will mainly see a lot of confetti, but if you look more closely, you will discover that two industrial robots were used to make this video. And a high speed camera.

Eindhoven is 'a high speed train’

Frank de Bruijn

Technology and creativity are the pillars of Chaos Films. Eight years ago Frank founded the company in Den Bosch. After an education at the Art Academy, a study in business IT and a career as a waterski professional, he came into contact with the world of TV.

"It started with a request for drone shots of the athletes on Papendal (a campus for professional athletes), that I regularly visited back then. I had bought a drone camera from the US and enjoyed making beautiful shots with it.” We’re talking 2010. Drone filming is still in its infancy, there are no regulations yet. But more and more TV-makers start approaching him to shoot spectacular footage. "For a programme about Holleeder we even made drone shots on the Dam Square, under the supervision of the police. That would be unthinkable nowadays.”

Frank closely follows the developments in the field of drone filming, mixed reality and the use of robots. "I bring these techniques to Eindhoven so that they will also be available for third parties who would like to work with them." A while ago, for example, he made a chatbot that can hover like a hologram in your room via a simple camera (from your laptop). A collaboration with Singularity University, Greenhouse Group, and Fontys students.

For this video, Frank used two robots and a high-speed camera. "Not necessarily a very easy combination.” With a high-speed camera, you can record 3,000 frames per second, allowing you to screen ultra slow-motion. "A camera like this lends itself well to very colorful images with lots of movement.” And those, of course, fit in perfectly with the carnival party that will start this weekend in Eindhoven.

Enjoy watching and ...... salaai*!

*’Salaai’ is used as a way of greeting in Eindhoven during carnival. Warning: outside Eindhoven, no one will have a clue what you’re saying ;)

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