Share the Vibe: Tunes by David Hordijk

Pianist-composer David Hordijk has been providing sounds throughout Eindhoven for some time now. He pleaded for a station piano at the central station and played his program 'Piano in the Dark' at Natlab. Listen to his chosen tracks, maybe in the dark, in the latest Share the Vibe playlist!

Q. How do you describe your connection with Eindhoven?

A. When I enter Eindhoven by bike, I always see: "Eindhoven, good that you're here". I have been studying in Eindhoven for 7 years now and feel at home in this vibrant, green, raw city.

Q. You picked some songs. What does this list mean to you? Why these tracks? 

A. This very diverse playlist, which you might not expect of a pianist-composer, is based on what I listen to. Every song has a story.

Q. Which song describes Eindhoven for you? Why this song?

A. It’s not a specific song, but I always think of electronic music: Dubstep, Techno, Drum and Bass, for the raw, urban city that is Eindhoven.

Q. What’s the best party song?

A. London Elektricity - Just one Second. A year ago they performed in the Philips de Jonghpark, their music is very nice.

Q. Who would you like to do a duet with?

A. Fresku.

Listen to the Share the Vibe tunes by David Hordijk

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