10x Eindhoven-based Designers at DDW

Sneakers made from a single material and a light installation that imitates the cycle of the sun. Eindhoven-based designers bring a wide range of inspiring projects to this year’s virtual Dutch Design Week. This article gives you an insight into renowned names and new talents from design city Eindhoven.

Kiki van Eijk

Highlights from her oeuvre come together this DDW in ‘Imaginings’, an exhibition that can also be visited at the Textielmuseum Tilburg. The Eindhoven-based designer Kiki van Eijk is known for her imaginative designs: from colorful wall hangings to whimsical clocks and poetic window displays for the French luxury brand Hermès. Kiki van Eijk forms a design duo with Joost van Bleiswijk.

Dutch Invertuals

Dutch Invertuals Academy is a new initiative of the Eindhoven-based design collective Dutch Invertuals, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. During the online summer school young professionals were challenged to work with raw materials from their local context, and to play with their surroundings. Not only in terms of resources but also in terms of techniques, craftsmanship, traditions, and politics. The theme of this first edition was: True Matter, an expression of the global shift from a careless to a caring attitude. The results can be viewed during DDW.

Niels Hoebers

Stop motion designer Niels Hoebers presents 10 slow stories to mark his tenth anniversary. Visitors can enjoy scenes from his work in which Hoebers explores the boundaries of film, art, and time. A contrast to our daily online video consumption. The aim is to create a more intimate relationship with the observer.

Bernhard Lenger

Suppose we would no longer see ourselves as a user but as a carer of water. In the Water Animals campaign, social designer Bernhard Lenger investigates how we can change our relationship with water, and maybe even our water system. The project is part of the Embassy of Water, a platform in which the water board, drinking water company, municipality, and province work together with designers on a more sustainable use of water.

Anne Ligtenberg en Mats Horbach

With project #YOUTOO? social designers Anne Ligtenberg and Mats Horbach investigate how we can talk to each other about sexual violence. How can we reach out to silent victims who are not yet getting the help they deserve. Together with aid organization Blauwe Maan, Anne and Mats are working on a platform where victims share tips with social workers and aid workers so that they are better prepared and know how to respond to new victims who come forward.


VANTOT presents as a contemporary, sustainable, and interactive answer to the static street lighting we all know. SUNSEEKER is designed for the brand new Victoria Park in the middle of Eindhoven. The five hundred meters long chain of light modules serves during the day as aesthetic signage and at night as a guide and connecting route between the station and Strijp.

Simon Dogger

Body language and emotions play an important role in conversations. But what happens if a person is blind? The Emotion Whisperer, designed by Simon Dogger, helps people by translating facial expressions into vibrations. The project is part of the Dutch Design Awards.


Envisions is a design lab where more than 20 multidisciplinary creatives collaborate with renowned partners from the industry. Envisions recalibrates production processes and focuses on the path to the final product. During DDW, the Envisions Hackathon provides a glimpse into that process. Every day, a group of Envisionaires explores familiar objects from our modern lives, such as a part of a car or a washing machine.

Studio Yoon Seok-Hyeon

Sōl is a light installation that imitates the cycle of the sun to stimulate the human biorhythm. The project is a collaboration between Yoon Seok-Hyeon, who graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven last year, and Polina Baikina from Studio laVina.

Michel Gallus

Most sneakers are made from different materials, resulting in hard-to-recycle shoes and relying on lengthy supply chains. With 'Hide', Michel Gallus, who this year graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven, questions production methods by using only one material: leather.


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