3x Spots for E-sports in Eindhoven

This year, the finals of the Red Bull Campus Clutch took place in Eindhoven. It was the first global Valorant tournament hosted especially for students. Do you also like competitive gaming? Check out these three places in Eindhoven to take your e-sports skills to the next level.


ESEV Zephyr

TU/e students set up one of the first e-sports associations in the Netherlands in 2015. The best teams of ESEV Zephyr play in international competitions but the association is also home to beginners and to anyone who just wants to get better at esports.

Take your E-sports skills to a next level in Eindhoven!

Active Esports Arena

If you fancy using your whole body while gaming, then the Active Esports Arena at Strijp-S is the place to be! Smart software and a high-tech harness turn your body into the controller. Jump, lie down, roll, dive, do whatever it takes to win the game!

PSV Esports

Since 2016 there is also a virtual soccer branch of PSV. PSV's esports players train and record their content in the PSV Esports Room. This game room is located next to the PSV fan shop in the Philips Stadium. This is where esports players go live on Youtube or Twitch, so fans can enjoy the FIFA matches at home. Besides soccer, PSV Esports is also active in two other esports: League of Legends and Exodus Burned.

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