4x gaming: From Utomik to Enversed

On your own, together with your virtual friends or even with -real- people, Eindhoven has plenty to offer if you feel like playing a (virtual) game. We have listed four great initiatives for you. Let's plaaaaay!


Europe’s largest VR hall can be found at Strijp-S. Enversed has everything you need for virtual reality games. Book an evening with your friends and try out the newest games. This young company develops its own VR experiences, which are focused on teamwork, competition, and interaction.


Unlimited gaming is what you get with Utomik, which works with a subscription model just like Netflix and Spotify. For seven euros a month, you can play one of the 960 games available. From classic Star Wars games to the latest indies.

Pillow Willow

A startup that develops fairytale-like games for all types of VR glasses. It developed the prize-winning Spark of Light and has just released its newest game: Exodus Burned.

eSports Center

In Eindhoven you can also become a member of a gaming association! At Strijp-S you will find the eSports Center where you meet other gamers and together take your skills to the next level. Having a membership is not necessary, you can also just drop by anytime you feel like playing a game.

Enversed at Strijp-S is the largest Virtual Reality hall in Europe.

Are you studying in Eindhoven? Then you can also become a member of Zephyr, the Eindhoven Student eSport Association.

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