4x Online Tech and Design Events

Creators, designers and thinkers are finding new ways of meeting each other online. To exchange ideas about a post-corona society, discover new studios or just to socialize. Feel like joining too? We've listed four great events for you.

Scenario #7 | Radical Ecology

How plants help us imagine new worlds' is the starting point of this STRP Scenario, a series of events that STRP Festival organises throughout the year. The events are an open dialogue about the relationship between man, experimental technology, society and the future. Two scientists who wrote the book 'Radical Botany: Plants and speculative fiction', in which they explore the role of plants in new, different worlds, are among the speakers.

Thursday 14 May | 8pm | Live stream

Playgrounds Online Fest #2

Playgrounds is the festival in the field of creative image. From animation, illustration and film to games and digital art. The second online edition will take place this Friday with a line-up of over twenty artists from the film and image industry. Makers can have their portfolio reviewed by design studios. One of the hosts is Justin Lockey, the guitar player of the British band Editors.

Friday 15 May | 5pm | Live stream

Flashback to Playgrounds at Klokgebouw

Fastrackathon: Life after Corona

Schools, offices, festivals and health care have all experienced the impact of COVID-19. In the short term we have adapted radically, but how are we going to shape the future? HighTechXL mobilizes everyone with good ideas to participate in one of the four opportunities of the FasTrackathon: Life After Corona.

Wednesday, May 20 | 1pm | Register

Drinks, Pitches, Demos

Every first Wednesday of the month it's Drinks, Pitches, Demos. Do you have this brilliant idea you want to share, are desperately looking for some advice or do you just want to meet some cool people from the Eindhoven startup community, come and join these informal drinks. 

First Wednesday of the month | 5pm | Live stream

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