4x Talents at Crafted

Crafted is an ode to all up-and-coming bakers, hairdressers, stylists and fashion designers. To the creative makers of tomorrow. Students of Summa College present a special project or talent during this annual festival. Visit Crafted from 1-4 July in the Heuvel in Eindhoven.


Curious who will be part of Crafted this year? We talked to four enthusiastic students about their work and dreams for the future.

Shawnee van der Rijt

Shawnee van der Rijt is a third year student of the hairstyling program and came up with a multifunctional hair tool. Together with a fellow student, she executed the idea.

“My keys, my face mask or extra pins, I regularly lose them. That's how I came up with the idea of this hair tool. It's a scrunchie or hairpin with an invisible zipper, in which you can put little things. Together with a student from the fashion academy, I developed the tool further. During Crafted we will present it in the Heuvel, and then we want to actually bring it to the market. In a few years time, I definitely want to start my own hairdressing salon. With this project I am already learning a lot about what entrepreneurship entails."


Remco Kuijs

Remco Kuijs is graduating this year as a singer from the Rock City Institute of Summa College. Together with fellow students he will perform during Crafted. He also has his own band with a couple friends: KUIJS.

"With KUIJS we make singer-songwriter music, catchy songs with a 60s and 70s feel. Now that I've finished my studies, I want to take a gap year. And then go to music at college level. What do I hope to learn more? To improve my singing, my guitar performance and my stage skills. As a band we are still learning too, an ongoing search for the sound that makes us unique. During Crafted, I'll be on stage at the Muziektheater with a few fellow students on Thursday, it will be our first time on the main stage. We will perform acoustic songs, beautiful tracks that fit the setting."


Koen Schobbers

Koen Schobbers recently graduated with a diploma in furniture making. His final project is a wardrobe that will be placed at his aunt and uncle's house.

"I put a message on Facebook if anyone had an idea for my graduation project. Within no time I had 35 requests. I ended up choosing an aunt and uncle's idea. They wanted a wardrobe in their hallway. A nice eye-catcher where you can also store a lot of things. My style is modern, industrial and a little old school. The entire wardrobe will soon be on display in the Heuvel. Large companies often come and take a look at Crafted. Who knows, I might make some useful contacts for later.

Fabienne van den Broek

Fabienne van den Broek is a first-year student head waiter. Together with four classmates, she made her own liqueur. "A love drink", she says.

"It started with an assignment for school: create your own liqueur. We had to hand in the result on February 10. Then we'll make it a real Valentine's drink, we thought right away. That turned out pretty well, we made it to the top three of our class. The main flavors are cherry, rose petal and vanilla. You can come taste the drinks at the Heuvel during Crafted. I am looking forward to it and am curious how it will go. How do you address people and attract them to your project? It will surely be a good learning experience for a future career in the hospitality industry. I already work in a bistro and the food truck of my family. I want to open my own restaurant before I turn 27."

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