5x Sports Tips for 2020

Fancy a fresh start of the new year? In this article, we share five sports clubs with you that you might not think of so quickly. From Kei Blacks to white t-shirts... Get moving, meet new people, and feel energized in 2020!

Eindhoven Touch

It is a kind of rugby but different. In touch rugby, tackling is replaced by tapping the opponent. A team consists of three men and three women. Eindhoven Touch trains every Wednesday and Sunday and you will find many internationals joining this club. The team is also known as 'Kei Blacks'.

PSV Cricket Club Eindhoven

Green fields, white shirts: cricket is well presented in Eindhoven. Although the sport is not very well known, the Eindhoven club has been around for more than a century and thanks to the arrival of many expats, the club has grown considerably in recent years. Eindhoven Cricket trains both youth and adults.

The team is also known as 'Kei Blacks'

Eindhoven Touch


Combine tennis and squash and you get... padel. This originally Mexican sport is played in doubles in an almost glass cage. It uses the same scoring system as tennis. On the site of the Dutch Padel Association, you will find several clubs in the area. Wanna try it? Be aware, we heard it’s addictive...

Capoeira Interação

No winners, no losers, capoeira is first and foremost of play of music, movement, interaction and creativity. At Capoeira Interação, everyone older than five and younger than 99 is welcome to join. It’s an international team that gives trainings as well as occasional workshops.


Eindhoven has been a city of urban sports for years and now also has its own freerun hall at Strijp-S. Freerun is a mix of speed and acrobatic movements. A good physical workout but also mental training. Want to know more? Read the inspiring story of former world champion and Eindhovenaar Bart van der Linden.