5x Ways to find Housing in Eindhoven

Looking for a room or a house in Eindhoven? There are several websites and agencies that can help you find a great place in our city. We have listed the most useful tips for you.


Rental properties are offered by commercial and non-commercial parties (housing associations). Both offer suitable housing for students and workers. An up-to-date list of providers can be found here. On Facebook, groups like Eindhoven Housing and Find a room(mate) or house in Eindhoven are useful to keep an eye on. Generally speaking, if you see something you like, contact the person or agency as soon as possible!

Rental prices in Eindhoven are cheaper than those in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, and The Hague. Check the Expat's Guide (p. 81-83) for the major points to look for in a rental contract.

Eindhoven is loved by students and tech and design professionals from all over the world. Take a look at our top lists and other reasons to choose for Eindhoven! 


Would you like to buy a house in Eindhoven or its surroundings? Then it is useful to get a feel for the supply and prices of the local market. On Funda, you can see which houses and apartments are currently for sale. You can contact the selling party directly or hire a real estate agent (makelaar) yourself. He or she will negotiate the price on your behalf and help you with the administrative handling. Looking for a trusty real estate agent? Here you will find an overview of local offices. It is important that your real estate agent is a member of VBO Makelaar, NVM, or VastgoedPro.

If your budget is tight, housing associations may offer a solution. Trudo has a Slimmer Kopen (‘smart buying’) option, that helps you finance a house together with the housing association.

Did you know that Eindhoven is one of the smartest and nicest cities in the world?

Generally speaking, if you see something you like, contact as soon as possible!

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