5x Design Academy Eindhoven Alumni you might know

Design Academy Eindhoven has a worldwide reputation as one of the best design institutes that delivers top talents every year. You might have come across some of their alumni:

1. Maarten Baas

One of the most famous contemporary designers and maker of the Real Time clocks. Lovers of his work can find his clock at Schiphol Airport or even download it as an app on your phone.

2. Dave Hakkens

With his Precious Plastic machines, Hakkens makes it possible for everyone to recycle plastic waste into new products such as dishes and vases. Hakkens uploads great videos on Youtube, on how to recycle your own plastic.

3. Kiki van Eijk

The designs of Kiki van Eijk are world famous. She works with brands such as Hermès, MOOOI, Häagen-Dazs and Nodus. She graduated cum laude from DAE where she also met Joost van Bleijswijk. Together they work as Kiki & Joost.

4. Massoud Hassani

Together with his brother Mahmud and the rest of the Mine Kafon team, Hassani is fighting for de-mining by developing a drone that can detect mines.

5. Marcel Wanders

Founder and art director of the well-known design brand MOOOI and praised for his unique furniture designs.

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