5X Tech Podcasts

This week is Dutch Technology Week, the moment that tens of thousands of tech lovers come together in Eindhoven. But ok, not this year. Luckily, the festival will continue online. Reason for us to highlight 5 great tech podcasts from Eindhoven. Get yourself educated and tune into one of the following on this list.

Sound of Science

The Flemish comedian and science fan Lieven Scheire made the series Sound of Science for the TU/e. In the podcasts he talks to researchers and students about new scientific discoveries and the role of technology in society.

The IO Show

How to keep up to date with new technological innovations? Just listen to the IO Show of news platform Innovation Origins. Every Friday a new podcast with interviews and engaging stories.

High Tech Podcast

Will everyone have a digital twin of his or her body in the future? How far is the development of the self-driving car? And what about 'smart underwear’ that can help against incontinence? In High Tech Podcast Ingelou Stol takes you on a journey through the innovations of Europe's smartest square kilometre, the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Listen to the Tech Podcasts from Eindhoven

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