5x Tech Podcasts

As the heart of Brainport and High Tech Campus as the smartest km² in Europe, we can safely say that Eindhoven is a city of technology. Reason for us to highlight five cool tech podcasts from Eindhoven. Get yourself educated and tune into one of the following on this list.


High Tech Podcast

Will everyone have a digital twin of his or her body in the future? How far is the development of the self-driving car? And what about 'smart underwear’ that can help against incontinence? In High Tech Podcast Ingelou Stol takes you on a journey through the innovations of Europe's smartest square kilometer, the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Female Tech Heroes

Looking for a female perspective on tech? Ingelou Stol and Hilde de Vocht are the initiators of Female Tech Heroes. The goal: getting more women excited about technology. That is why they host (digital) mentor sessions and have made a number of podcasts, in which women get to share their experiences, tips, and views.

Podcasts 4 Brainport

The above-mentioned podcast Female Tech Heroes is part of a larger collection of podcasts, namely Podcasts 4 Brainport. A big list of episodes on topics like 'Rethinking Plastic' and local start-ups, but also on finding a house in Eindhoven.

Listen to the Tech Podcasts from Eindhoven

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