5x Virtual Pub Quizzes

Desperate for a night of fun and meeting new people? We hear you. We suggest you try an online pub quiz. It’s safe, it’s fun and probably better than Netflix (again). We've listed five great Eindhoven initiatives for you.

The Global Online Quiz

Number 42 is the driving force behind many pub quizzes in Eindhoven. And now they're also online! There are two international events coming up. Assemble a group of 4-6 people and play against other teams from all over the world.

November 21st and December 5th

Leo Club 040 Pubquiz

Every year, a group of young, enthusiastic and socially involved people from Eindhoven organize a pub quiz for charity. This time online of course. Join in, the proceeds will go to Sinterklaas presents for children of the Voedselbank.

November 23rd

Quizcaperoom: Kapitein Henk

It started with a quiz for friends and family but soon 200 teams hooked up with this online escape room of Eindhovener Jan van Poppel and his friend Bram Wolters. Answer as many questions as possible and solve the puzzles in the escape rooms, and make sure that Captain Henk (and his special shipload) gets safely ashore again.

November 27th

Play one of the 5 Eindhoven Pub quizzes.

De Kei Grote Eindhoven Quiz

100 photos, 100 places in Eindhoven... Do you recognize them all? It is 100 years ago that the municipalities of Eindhoven, Tongelre, Gestel, Stratum, Woensel and Strijp formed one municipality. To celebrate this, there is De Kei Grote Eindhoven Quiz.

December 12th

Your own online pub quiz

Great idea for the holidays, organize your own online pub quiz! Check Number 42 (especially when it concerns large groups) for example, or PubQuiz040 (also for a quiz at home) to find out how it works.

Whenever you want to

Don't forget a ‘borrel’ with your evening of pub quizzes. Check out our eight tips for drinks and bites home delivery and takeout.

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