6x Art Galleries

Discover some of the best art galleries in Eindhoven. For an afternoon of inspiring exhibitions, interesting lectures, and unique art and design pieces.

Galerie Nasty Alice

Gallery Nasty Alice is quirky and outspoken. Here you will discover the work of young talent in combination with that of established names. The gallery represents artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany and presents a new exhibition every seven weeks. In addition to the large stock of artworks, they also have a permanent collection of ceramics and design.

Galerie Pennings

This is the oldest gallery in the Netherlands that specializes in photography. Pennings focusses on autonomous photography, but regularly explores other disciplines within the visual arts, such as new media art, video art, and documentary photography.

Gallery Talking Pieces

This gallery focuses on photography and Japanese artworks. Talking Pieces organizes exhibitions that tell special stories, "with strong charisma and pieces that speak for themselves". A couple of times a year they present a thematic collection. Think of photography, vintage, and antiques or an interesting mix.

"Wallspace isn’t your classic art platform and initiator"

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