6x Ways to Learn More About Eindhoven

Are you new in Eindhoven as a student or are you just interested in learning more about the city? Then try one of our next tips to learn more about Eindhoven!

Wander around

One of the best ways to explore a city is to get lost in it. And the great thing about Eindhoven is that almost everything is within walking distance. With our dynamic districts you can discover the different faces of the city. If you prefer playing it safe, then try one of these walking routes or our architecture route.

City walk on Saturday

Learn more about the city by tagging along a guided tour! Every Saturday it is possible to join a 1 hour walk through the city center at 11:00 am. Topics such as industrial heritage, design and architecture are covered in detail. The walk only starts with a minimum of 4 participants and costs are €7.50 per person. Starting point is the Eindhoven Tourist Information in central station.

Try a museum

The city of Eindhoven in its current form is "only" 100 years old but it sure has a rich history. In the Philips Museum you will discover how Eindhoven and Philips are inextricably linked and how the city has grown over the years. More of Eindhoven's ingenuity can be found in the DAF Museum, with an extensive collection of trucks, trailers, and passenger cars (extra tip: rent a DAF some day!) In the PSV Museum you will learn more about the club's history and experience red and white in an interactive way. Not done yet? Museum door de stad offers installations in the public space and makes visitors aware of where the city and its cultural identity come from.

Discover Eindhoven in a different way.

From the water

If we are to believe the messages, a beautiful late summer awaits us. And what’s more fun than discovering Eindhoven from the water? Take a trip on a SUP board over the Dommel river. Do you prefer a canoe or kayak? You can rent both at Puur Kanoverhuur.

Go biking

Try one of our previously tipped five popular cycling routes. Don’t own a bike? You can rent one at Velorent. This bike rental can be found on the NRE site, within walking distance of the train station. In that case you can also try one of their own bike routes and end the day with a drink at cycling café Cyklist!

At home on the couch

Don't feel like going out? Watch, read or listen to our Unfold stories. Unfold tells the stories of the city, through the eyes of subcultures and its pioneers. Learn more about the mentality and liveability of Eindhoven in the past, present and future!

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