8x International supermarkets

With 170 nationalities, Eindhoven is a city full of international supermarkets and specialty stores. Are you looking for good rice for your sushi, Italian killer cheeses or real Russian vodka? Check out this list of eight international shops in Eindhoven.

Indian Food Store

A place for divine mangoes, coconuts, okras and chili peppers. In this shop on the Grote Berg you will also find Indian snacks, lots of herbs and beer brands like Kingfisher and Cobra.

Amazing Sang Lee

The Kruisstraat is packed with foreign supermarkets and one of them is Amazing Sang Lee. In the 'Toko XL' you will find a huge range of products from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Surinam and even Mexico.

Polskie Delikatesy

When you cross the Kruisstraat in the direction of the Petruskerk you will see a Polish specialty store on your left. Here you will find a lot of food and non-food from Poland, such as fresh breads, smoked hams but also cosmetic products and books.

Nostalgia D&R

In a side street of the Kruisstraat is Nostalgie D&R, a supermarket with food and non-food products from Russia. There is also a large selection of drinks. Looking for vodka in a Kalashnikov bottle? Nostalgie D&R has got you covered.

Vershal het Veem

Megacenter Department Store

This huge store in Tongelre sells pretty much everything you need in the kitchen. Among the thousands of products you will find pressure cookers, Turkish tea sets and beautiful terracotta bowls.

Vershal Het Veem

You'll find about twenty eateries and shops under one roof here. The eye-and-nose-catcher is without a doubt spice shop Hicham. Fragrances and colours of spices and herbs from all over the world are beautifully displayed here.


In the city centre you will find this Italian shop with delicious cheeses, fresh pasta, olives and real cannoli. Don't feel like cooking? At Semolina you can also pick up (or have it catered) homemade meals and sandwiches.

Amazing Oriental

One of the largest Asian supermarkets is located on the Langdonkenstraat, near the Philips Stadium. This huge shop sells everything from snacks to crockery. You can also place orders online.

Extra tip: on the Kruisstraat you will find many more shops that sell foreign products. From African supermarkets to Moroccan greengrocers and Turkish bakers. On Saturday, the Woensel Market at the end of the Kruisstraat is highly recommended.

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