8x Street art tips in Eindhoven

Feel like exploring street art in Eindhoven? You’re not alone! We asked four insiders to share their favourite spots. These are 8 tips in and around the city centre.

By the way, did you know that in the 80's Eindhoven gained worldwide fame with its graffiti culture? Since then there has been a lot of experimentation with new styles and tools (no spray can for example, but latex paint) and it is still a lively scene with annually one of the biggest graffiti festivals in Europe. In this longread you can read more about it.


‘The largest legal graffiti spot in the Netherlands. An open-air museum with an ever-changing collection.’

The Sound of Strijp-S

‘A wall of 8 meters high and 140 meters long, located behind the Klokgebouw. On the wall, you can see seven artists who performed in the Klokgebouw (Motörhead, Fresku, Faithless, M.I.A., Die Antwoord, Kovacs and Peter Pan Speedrock).’

Along the railway tracks

‘Take the train from the north to Eindhoven Station. Along the track, you’ll see a wall of fame of Eindhoven graffiti writers.’ 

The old Dommel tunnels

'A spot where once the (illegal) Samplism parties were held, close to the Berenkuil. Typical forgotten places where graffiti has been spray painted for decades.’

Street art at de Berenkuil

Maurice van der Weijst

Tunnel along the small river the Tongelreep under the A2

‘Another forgotten place that seems to be only visited by graffiti writers, just like along the Dommel river under junction De Hogt.’

Johan Moorman's mural on Aalsterweg

‘A successful example of contemporary graffiti.’

The gateway to Strijp-S

‘The wall that runs from PSV Eindhoven to Strijp-S. At first glance an ugly spot, crowded and unprofessional, but also one of the last preserved walls where graffiti is as it should be: tags, throw-ups, scribbles, and slogans in the beating heart of the city. A place where many stories can be deciphered and that has not yet been destroyed by commercially motivated graffiti sell-outs.’ (Update: 30 international artists have recently painted a 220 meter mural here)

The Eindhoven highway

‘Once the target of good actions during the construction, after the construction a facilitator for many new hidden places such as junction de Hogt and the Beatrix Canal. The glass walls/sound barriers make it a beautiful canvas for renowned and starting graffiti talent for many years now.’

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