8x Webshops of Eindhoven Designers

While you’re stuck at home, we’re here to help your through the day. Today: retail therapy. Or, a tour along the online shops of local makers. Enjoy lurking around or filling up your shopping cart with real Eindhovens design.

Hanneke Wetzer

Visual artist Hanneke Wetzer is known for Beings, the series of hand-drawn, erotic works of art. But she is also the creator of the Share the Vibe coffee template. With this template you can serve your own cappuccino with the logo of Eindhoven in no time! Check out her webshop at Etsy for even more great art for take-away prices.

Jess Øberlin

In small editions Jess Øberlin makes these fine tops and leggings, from a-z manufactured in Eindhoven. Just a review on the site: "It's like I'm naked, but hotter and with clothes on."

Kiki + Joost

The designs of Kiki and Joost go all over the world, but their beautiful products can also be purchased in their webshop. Top design made in Eindhoven.

Studio Jie Chen

In her studio on the Lijsterbesstraat Jie Chen designs beautiful porcelain products. From jewellery and wind chimes to teapots and plates. Simple, playful and dishwasher proof.

Fabrique Ceramique


Known for their pretty lighting systems but also their furniture and home accessories. Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink, together Ontwerpduo, design everything in their studio on the NRE site, but sell worldwide through their webshop.

Atelier NL

If you're talking about local sourcing and production, you're talking about Atelier NL. Designers Nadine Sterk and Lonny van Ryswyck, former DDW ambassadors, use the ground beneath their feet for research and design. In the webshop you'll find beautiful tiles, plates and glasses made of clay and sand from Dutch (and Belgian) soil.

Fabrique Céramique

Attention ceramic lovers, Fabrique Céramique on the NRE site has got you covered when it comes to this stony material. From open workshop to self-designed products such as vases, lamps and cups. You can purchase the designs through the webshop.


Twin sisters Geertje and Roos Eek design beautiful jewellery made of residual material. The earrings with organic patterns from the PRESSED collection are processed in such a way that each one is unique.

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